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You know what I missed during summer holidays?

Doodling during classes.

So since last week I (f)arted.

I kind of like how I’ve been improving lately. Especially on the poses of the characters. It’s still pretty clumsy but I’m fine with it.

Characters drawn: My OC. The Batter (Off), Mako / Sailor Jupiter, Utena and Anthy (RGU), Nagisa / Cure Black and a Zakenna (PrC), Mary (Ib), and some idiots from magic academy.

I drew all those characters purely by memory, so sorry if I forgot the Batter’s boots, and many details on Nagisa’s (ridiculous) costume.

  1. roleplayern64 said:… Désolé, j’ai pas pu m’empêcher de comparer :’D Ah, et j’ai jamais réussi à dessiner en classe, les profs avaient des yeux partout xD
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